Don’t Let Scope Creep You Out

While scope creep can often derail a project, it can also represent an opportunity to organizations to improve their products, build reputations, and improve relations with their customers.

One can often avoid or control scope creep by following a number of best practices, such as:
• Involving the end users (customers) early on in the project
• Incorporating the Change Control Board, or Portfolio Review Board in the periodic evaluation of project performance
• Understanding the project’s key deliverables and how each one maps to your portfolio’s business drivers
• Avoid “gold plating” the product /features
• Baselining the project schedule at the appropriate time, and tracking against the baseline

“Scope creep should almost be expected with every project. It’s how you manage it, that counts!”

Want to learn more about managing scope creep?
In addition to following best practices and procedures, such as those listed above, it is also instrumental to have a user-friendly PPM platform that allows Project Managers, Stakeholders, and Team Members to communicate and collaborate effectively on all aspects of the project’s deliverable during its lifecycle. Vibrant Fusion’s KwikPMO solution extends the capabilities of Microsoft Project Online to help your organization achieve the results you’re looking for.