What is Canvas?

Canvas is a SharePoint app that lets non-techies build their own dashboards and reports without the need to get developers involved or to learn how to code. Designed and built by the makers of KwikPMO, Canvas provides users of Microsoft Project Online, Project Server and SharePoint with an easy to use, flexible dashboard builder tool.

Why Canvas?

Your job is to understand what is happening with your organization, portfolios, projects and resources. Canvas makes your job easier by giving you the ability to quickly create your own dashboards using real-time data with no code. As a result, you gain the visibility needed to make decisions now instead of spending time finding and compiling data.


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Use Canvas and Make Decisions

Canvas is a great tool to visualize the information in Project Server / Project Online. Canvas dashboards provide real-time access to data and you can build them the way you want – all without having to learn code or complex data queries. Building a Canvas dashboard is a simple, 3 step process…

Step 1 – Layout Your Dashboard

Canvas provides an easy to use layout editor so you can design the overall layout of your dashboard. Drag and drop various Canvas controls such as pie charts, bar charts, column charts, line charts, tables and HTML.

Step 2 – Setup Your Dashboard

Each Canvas control includes a plethora of options to customize your dashboard.

  • Specify your data source (Project Server  /Project Online or SharePoint Lists)
  • Specify filtering as necessary to make your query more efficient
  • Specify if you want to include a legend, color themes, values, categories and much more!

Step 3 – Make Decisions!

Once your dashboard is built, you can enjoy real-time access to your Project Server, Project Online and SharePoint data – enabling you to make quick and knowledgeable decisions!

Key Features:

Canvas provides rich, real-time access to your project data without needing to learn how to code! Excellent for power users, Project Managers and Executives, Canvas allows you to be creative and view data your way – which in turn helps you make better decisions!

  • Supports Microsoft Project Online, Project Server and SharePoint data sources
  • Includes the following controls:
    • Pie Chart
    • Bar Chart
    • Column Chart
    • Line Chart
    • Tables
    • HTML objects
    • More controls coming soon!

  • Interactive mouseovers, zooming and filtering
  • Supports modern browsers including Internet Explorer 9 or later, Chrome, Safari and Firefox
  • More than 10 themes to quickly change the look and feel of your dashboards
  • The ability to display charts that look hand-drawn
  • Export to PNG, PDF and CSV
  • Print dashboard or individual charts
  • Share dashboard designs with colleagues, co-workers and other Canvas users