KwikPMO for Agile

Traditionally, Project Server / Project Online was best suited for waterfall type project management methodologies. As Agile/Scrum-based methodologies have taken hold in many organizations, customers have struggled with getting Project Server to help them manage these projects. Some customers have resorted to implementing a second, Agile-specific system. As a result, there is no central view of all their projects, both waterfall and agile.

Now with KwikPMO for Agile, your organization can utilize Agile/Scrum methodologies while still benefiting from the core strengths of Microsoft Project Server / Project Online such as enterprise reporting, enterprise resource pool, timesheets, schedule management and collaboration.

Available as an add-on to our base KwikPMO solution or as a stand-alone solution, KwikPMO for Agile provides a set of pre-built, pre-configured tools that add Agile/Scrum functionality to Microsoft Project Server and Project Online.


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Agile and Project Server?

With KwikPMO for Agile, we’ve built a solution where PMs and Scrum Masters can use Project Server / Project Online to manage agile and waterfall projects side by side.

Included with KwikPMO for Agile is a custom SharePoint site template that includes many agile featuressuch as a Product Backlog, Estimation Model, Priority Manager, Sprint Manager, Agile Tasks List, Kanban / Task Board and burndown charts.

These same agile features can also be used directly in PWA via Project Detail Pages (PDPs)!



Product Backlog

Use the Product Backlog to manage the user stories and requirements for your agile projects. With our Priority Manager, you can prioritize the user stories with an easy to use, drag and drop interface.

Using our Estimation Board, you can simply drag and drop user stories to their appropriate effort size. KwikPMO for Agile includes a configurable Estimation Model that can be defined per project. You can use T-Shirt Sizing, Fibonacci Method or any other method that best suits your project!

Managing Sprints

You can use KwikPMO for Agile to manage your project’s Sprints. You can specify how long each Sprint will be. By assigning project team members, you can specify who will be working in each Sprint and by how much of their time will be dedicated to it. Our Sprint Manager allows you to specify which tasks and user stories are going to be worked on in each Sprint.

Managing Tasks

You and your project team can use KwikPMO for Agile’s Task Board to manage task status and effort. View your own tasks, the tasks active for a sprint, the entire project or related user stories. You can also easily create new tasks if needed.

Monitoring Progress

Use the burndown charts included in KwikPMO for Agile to track you and your team’s progress! Since KwikPMO for Agile is built on the solid foundation provided by Project Server / Project Online, you can also track progress using PWA Views, status reports and dashboards – your agile projects side-by-side with waterfall projects – the way it should be.

Key Features:

KwikPMO for Agile is a great way to add agile/scrum functionality to Microsoft Project Server and Project Online. Manage your agile projects side by side with waterfall projects so you and your organization can get a complete picture of all project activities – the way is should be.

  • Ability to manage waterfall/Agile projects side-by-side in one tool
  • Ability to create multiple project lifecycle scenarios:
    • Agile only
    • Waterfall only
    • Hybrid (Waterfall with Agile components)
  • Centralized reporting
  • Project Portfolios with both waterfall and Agile projects
  • Resource Management and Analysis reporting