KwikPMO Pro

KwikPMO Pro gives you and your organization an outstanding project management solution in record time. Start with the capabilities you need now plus a roadmap to greater capabilities when you’re ready. Microsoft Project Server and Project Online is a great project and portfolio management platform for schedule and resource management, demand management and portfolio analysis capabilities for any size customer. Of course with all of these capabilities and options, it might take a while to design and configure it to meet your needs.

With KwikPMO Pro, you get Project Management best practices, tools and processes out of the box. We train and mentor your Project Managers and employees so you can quickly and effectively begin to better manage and execute your projects. We’ll get you there quickly without a costly and risky implementation.


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Why KwikPMO Pro?

KwikPMO Pro is for you if you:

  • Are looking to quickly automate your new or existing PMO to track projects and better manage your portfolio
  • Need enhanced Resource Management capabilities
  • Want to track your employees workloads and schedules
  • Are looking to get more from your current Project Server or Project Online solution
  • Are currently on Project Server 2007 and looking to upgrade to 2013 or beyond!

With KwikPMO Pro, you’ll get fast results: a robust yet flexible, low risk / low cost Project Management Solution in rapid time – usually in about 2 weeks!

Better Collaboration

A successful project requires effective collaboration between team members. KwikPMO Pro includes a custom SharePoint project site with core PMO functions such as Requirements, Action Items, Change Requests, Issues, Risks, Project Notebook, Phases and Artifacts, Stakeholder Analysis and Test Cases.

These features not only enable better communication amongst your team but also reinforce the PMO processes to deliver successful projects consistently!

Visibility Into Projects and Resources

You need to increase visibility into your projects and resources. When is work scheduled and who is working on it?

With KwikPMO Pro, we help you gain visibility by providing you with a dynamic set of reports and dashboards. As a result, your organization benefits from a robust reporting solution built on top of Project Server / Project Online.

Web-based Scheduling

Using your web browser, you can quickly view and edit the current project schedule without having to print or email the schedule to your co-workers. Schedules can also be opened and edited in Microsoft Project.

Automated Project Status Reports

Tired of painstakingly cutting and pasting data from numerous sources for your weekly status reports? KwikPMO Pro includes an automated Project Status Report saving you and your colleagues many hours a week of painstakingly cutting and pasting data from numerous sources into a status report.

KwikPMO Pro pulls the latest project, schedule, milestone, issue and risks status to create a Project Status Report at the click of a button, saving you and your colleagues many hours a week! It can then be viewed, printed or exported to PDF / image for sharing via email or PowerPoint.

Web-based Timesheets

Do you need to know how much time your team members are spending on projects and non-project time?

Project Server / Project Online includes web-based timesheets that are integrated with your project schedules. Backed with a timesheet and task update approval process, managers and PMs are always in control. All timesheet data is stored and available for quick and easy reporting.

Portfolio Analysis

Having trouble prioritizing your projects and work requests? Do you have enough budget or people for the work to be done? We can help you find out!

Using Project Server / Project Online’s Portfolio Analysis capabilities, your organization can identify how well projects align with the strategic business drivers, prioritize the projects and analyze how budgets and resources are allocated and optimized to meet the organization’s goals.

Key Benefits

With KwikPMO, we have taken our experiences of working with hundreds of Project Server customers to create a preconfigured Microsoft Project Server solution. KwikPMO contains many of the most commonly requested features that customers wish Project Server would give them straight out of the box! And we do this with a low, fixed cost and a rapid deployment – usually 2 weeks!

  • Cost effective and quick implementation
  • Scalable roadmap for future expansion
  • Compatible with other 3rd Party Project Server and SharePoint add-ons

  • Complete solution on an enterprise ready platform
  • Provides reports, dashboards and custom site template on day 1 of your rollout.
  • Includes training of your PMs, Team Members and Admins at rollout (up to 15 students)


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