Top 4 New Features in Project Online

Microsoft Project Online is a renowned leader in the enterprise PPM space. One of the advantages of this Software as a Service (SaaS) offering is that customer are able to leverage new features as Microsoft introduces them, rather than being forced to perform a platform upgrade. Microsoft has released several new features recently in Project Online, and is slated to release even more in the upcoming months. Join us on July 19, 2016 as we showcase these new and upcoming features.


New Features

Resource Engagements.

Project online now allows resource managers to have more input when it comes to managing demand for their team members’ time. With the resource engagements feature, resource managers and project managers can negotiate an agreement to make sure that resource are being used appropriately and effectively throughout the organization.


Multiple Visual Timelines

Timelines have been around since Project 2010 was introduced, and many organizations have put them to good use. Still, for long or very detailed projects with multiple phases, it can be difficult to summarize information into a single timeline. Now you don’t have to – Project 2016 provides the ability to add multiple timelines to the schedule. For example, you could use the top timeline to represent the entire project, and subsequent timelines to represent individual phases, or even subprojects.

Alerts and Reminders

Project online is now able to send email notifications to team members when project tasks are created or modified and when status reports are due. In addition, you can set reminders on tasks and status updates, as well as receive an email notification if there is a queue job failure.

Out of the Box Reports

There are lots of reports for Project Managers in the Project Professional client application. However, there was a clear need for Program and Portfolio reports in Project Online also. Microsoft is now providing some of these reports via the app store.


KwikPMO Roadmap

Stay tuned for the following features to be released to Project Online over the next several months:

  • Mobile Apps for Android and iOS
  • Project snapshots
  • Project restoration capabilities
  • 3rd party application integration (such as Jira)