Is your organization or Project Managers struggling with keeping their project schedules up to date and accurate? Do you need to ensure that you have the most accurate information and visibility into your projects and resources? Would you prefer your PMs spend their time managing their projects and project teams? Do your PMs lack experience and training in Microsoft Project?

Vibrant Fusion has a team of schedulers who are experts in Microsoft Project, Project Server / Project Online and all aspects of accurate scheduling: creating and maintaining schedules, baselining / variance tracking, resource leveling and status reporting.

How Does it Work?

Our Scheduler offering is a simple, 3 step process:

  1. We assign one or more of our schedulers to work with your PMs. A typical ratio would be one scheduler for every 4 to 6 PMs.
  2. The Scheduler will meet with each PM and review the current state of the project and schedule
  3. The Scheduler will work on the project schedule to bring it up to date by: a. Adding, updating and closing tasks b. Updating resource assignments c. Identify and resolve resource over-allocations and constraints d. Establish a weekly update cadence with each PM

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